Tales of waggin' tails, no tails, and tail feathers . . .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Ahead, Lap It Up

   As much as Conker drives me completely nuts, he has several little quirks that just make you wanna pick him up and squeeze him til his little head pops off he's so cute.  So, one of his quirks is to follow me everywhere I go.  He doesn't necessarily stay w/ me all the time, but if I'm on the move then so is he. 
   This comes into play most often when I go to the bathroom, there he is keeping step right behind me.  Occasionally he's not fast enough to squirt through the bathroom door before it closes and it shuts in his little face.  At which point he tries to "muscle" the door open, b/c clearly there has been a mistake and I didn't mean to shut him out (I did), and when that fails (as it most certainly always does) he sits outside the door and whimpers (pathetically) until I open the door again (I'm a sucker I know). 
   He does this when I go to take a shower or bath as well.  Usually when I'm in the shower he quickly loses interest and leaves to go make trouble somewhere while I'm occupied.  But when I'm in the bath he has a little routine.  First, he watches the tub fill up.  Then he puts his paws on the outside of the tub to check everything out and make sure I'm ok.  Then he sets up camp just outside the tub.  Sometimes balling up my dirty clothes just left on the floor into a little Conker sized nest and other times, upon the rare occasion that my clothes make it to the hamper before I get into the bath, he just curls up on the rug.  It's really freakin cute. 
   I have no idea why he does this, especially since as soon as that water starts running in the tub the other two dogs make themselves scarce.  He used to try and get into the tub w/ me at step two.  And I would always tell him no, try to explain that there was water in here and he didn't like water, and the fact that I didn't want to share my bath w/ a dog.  Until one time, I said, "Fine, you want in here so bad . . . ." And I lifted him into the tub w/ me placing his back paws on my knees and front paws on my stomach.  He looked around, taking it all in, but not really freakin out like I was going for.  So, I slowly lowered my knees.  The water began to come up over his paws, and he nonchalantly leans down to take a drink!  Then I lower my knees even more, and there he goes lapping up water just as fast as he can to keep from getting wet!!!  Laughingly, I placed him back onto the bathroom rug, where he calmly proceeded to set up his little Conker campsite.  I mean, really, how much more adorable could the little bugger get???