Tales of waggin' tails, no tails, and tail feathers . . .

One Crazy Family!

  My name is Amber and I currently live in South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!).  I have a BS in Chemistry from USCA where I played soccer.  I recently graduated with my Pharmacy Doctorate from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina and wonder of wonders: I am now a licensed pharmacist.  I grew up in South Carolina, but my family is scattered throughout the U.S. 

Pic of me on the way to a formal blacktie event: trust me I almost never really look like this.
   Jamie is my fiance.  We recently got engaged this past April (wedding date is still up in the air, at least until I find a job!).  He's a bit of a computer geek, and a video gamer (but I try not to hold that against him).  He really is the love of my life! We have been dating for ~8 years and I can't wait to tie the knot!

Jamie and Amber
Pets In Order of Appearance:

  It was my second year in undergrad, and I was desperately lonely.  I was living in Aiken playing soccer and staying busy and Jamie was living in Columbia, but something was missing.  I decided that I was going to adopt a puppy.  After weeks and weeks of searching rescues and classified adds I found Chiquita.  I'll never forget the day I met her.  I was answering an add in the newspaper for 8 week old chihuahua puppies.  Upon arrival we were led out the backyard where the puppies were kept.  There they were: three of the cutest little puppies all playing rough and tumble in the grass.  The little brown one immediately caught my eye b/c even though she wasn't the biggest and she was the only girl, she was giving it her all and growling very fiercely.  I decided I had to have her!  I took Chiquita home that day and haven't looked back since.  She is my constant little companion she stays upstairs and sits on my lap while I type and travels w/me wherever I go.  She is the most angelic creature ever, and I can hardly remember what my life was like before Chiquita! 

Chiquita: It's ok to fall in love w/this face, everybody does!
   Gumbo is our 'big dog.'  She weighs about 50lbs, so compared to the Chi's that's big.  She was found on the seedier side of town half starved, scared of EVERYTHING, and living out of car wheel wells.  So, of course, my darling Jamie scooped her up and brought her home.  The first words out of my mouth when he got out of the truck w/ her tucked up under his arm, "No, absolutely not."  She was cute, she was one of the cutest little puppies ever, but her feet were huge!  I just kept thinking how big she was going to get telling Jamie everyday that he was taking her to a shelter 'tomorrow.'  Well . . . . seven years later and she's still w/ us!  We love our big girl and wouldn't trade her for the world!

Gumbo laying in a Chi sized bed
   Aaaaah yes, Conker.  He was the last four-legged edition to our family.  A friend of mine was breeding Chihuahuas, and had used an unfamiliar stud dog for her latest litter.  This particular dog had beautiful markings and an excellent disposition with papers and all.  The only thing was this dog did not have a tail.  She was assured that the tail was removed due to some unfortunate accident and all would be well.  This clearly did not turn out to be the case as more than half the litter of puppies was born w/out tails!  As a breeder she did not want to register the dogs even though both parents had papers, b/c there was clearly a 'defect' in the breed, so she decided to give them away to friends and family.  Jamie and I jumped at the opportunity!  He is the cutest of our pets as well as the baddest.  I swear I can see his little brain working out the kinks in some devious plan 75% of the day.  I often times tell him that his 'cuteness' is his method of survival in the 'wild' b/c everytime he is bad and I want to beat him, I often find that I can't b/c he's so freakin cute!  Grrr.  Jamie named him, but I wanted to call him Leroy Brown from the very beginning.
   Moxi, of course, who the blog is named for, is the newest edition to our crazy family.  She is a saucy little green Quaker Parrot, and has quickly wormed her way into my heart with her big personality and silly antics.  I typically say 'she' even though I'm not quite sure (due the the dimorphic nature of Quakers they have to be blood tested in order to specify sex).  And yes, I am a nerd, b/c she is named after moxifloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic better known as Avelox.  After all she was Jamie's gift to me for passing my pharmacy boards. :)