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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Nope, Still Hair!

   I live in the hairiest house in America. I have three dogs that despite the fact that they are short-haired seem to shed hair by the pound. Jamie and I both have long hair (his is to his shoulders now giving him a decidedly roguish look, and mine is past my waist for the first time ever). For this reason I invest in only top quality air filters, I vacuum/sweep more than your average person, as well as spend countless hours pulling hair out of places like drains, hair brushes, and the vacuum cleaner.
  I feel that this is just another sign from fate that Moxi and I belong together: Moxi LOVES hair. She loves to be on my shoulders preening me or at night snuggling under my curtain of hair. I've decided that Moxi was clearly a hairstylist in a previous life: not only does she try to ninja-poop in my hair as often as possible (obviously for the nutrient benefit), but she also spends a great deal of her time restyling my hair. The fact that during the day I choose to wear my hair in a simple bun with a couple of serviceable brown bobby pins here and there clearly offends her delicate hair-styling sensibilities! She sits on my shoulder carefully pulling hair out of my bun in her efforts to make my hair more chic.  Removing all of the offensive bobby pins, scattering them haphazardly.  To the casual observer it might appear that she is just a crazy bird pulling the hair out willy-nilly, but I know that she has a great vision. If I try to tuck a piece of hair that she has purposefully removed, she dutifully pulls it right back out and occasionally scolds me for my impertinence.
  Just today I had cut off a piece of a delicious red apple and put it on her plate. At first she viewed the apple a little skeptically, but then she decided to chow down. And when she had her fill of apple, where to you think she turned to clean her beak? That's right my hair.

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