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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Takin This Show on the Road

  I'm trying to sell my house.  It's a great house: the rooms are huge, tons of space, and there are more closets than I can count, but I am in no way under the delusion that I'll be able to obtain a job in Columbia on the doorstep of the school ergo I must sell.  The house hit the market at the beginning of the summer and since then we have had one, yes I said one, person come through the house.  At this point when I do get a job, I suppose we are going to have to rent the place out til the market decides to come back around. 
   Anywho my agent has been trying for weeks to get an "Agent Open House" together w/ the other real estate agents who have homes in the neighborhood.  Everybody is gung-ho about it til the day before when everybody drops out last minute.  So, naturally after having this happen three or four times I didn't count on it actually happening this week either, haha wrong.  My agent called me yesterday afternoon and said everything was in order and good to go.  I smiled looking at the wreckage that was my kitchen, "Ooooh, that's good news . . ." So, I spent the evening cleaning the house to sparkly.  And today we had to vacate the house from 10:30 to 1:30. 
   So, here we go: three dogs, bird (complete w/massively awkward cage), and myself.  I felt like all we were missing was the pear tree.  I loaded in shifts.  We finally got on the road and went over to a friends house to spend the afternoon.  While driving across town, I couldn't help but think how my life has turned into a little three ring circus.  Not hard to see the similarities when I look to my right and there's Moxi sitting in her cage that is strapped awkwardly into the passenger seat w/ the toys, ropes, and treats all swaying with the motion of the car and Moxi happily munching on a pretzel cooing at me occasionally.  Gumbo is in the back seat moving from window to window and drooling on absolutely everything (she has excited drool).  At one point she tried to get in the far back and in her graceless attempt to hop over the seats she became immobilized w/ her belly over the seats and neither her front legs or her back legs touching down anywhere.  So, for a short time the rearview mirror displayed nothing but the disturbing sight of Gumbo bum flailing to get over the seat, tail just waggin away the entire time.  Chiquita is frozen in one spot legs all sprawled outward as if to brace herself, refusing to move, and growling at Gumbo tromping all over and being generally happy.  She is extremely peeved to be riding in the back seat when the rest of the 'common folk' (she's kindof a diva).  While Conker, in an attempt to get to the front, has wedged his little body underneath my seat where he gets stuck for three quarters of a mile til I can safely pull over and remove him. 
   O yes, we are like a traveling three ring circus, next thing you know someone will have pitched a tent and started charging admission.
Godzilla Bird!


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